List of Triathlons in Singapore to go in 2020

January 13, 2020

We hope you have maintained your personal bests for triathlons in 2019, here are some of the upcoming triathlons to challenge yourself or get together with your running kakis to complete!

Note: This is not an official source for these triathlons, dates, and formats may be changed at anytime by official organizers.

Singapore Aquathlon 2020: Race The Lion City

The first Aquathlon event on Singapore this 2020, Race the Lion City is a much-awaited race. Happening in just a week upon this writing, this event will take place in East Coast Parke Area in Casuarina Grove. 

This event has a format of swim and run with at least 4 categories suitable for young kids to adults. It also offers categories for the newbies and experienced triathletes. Registration has been closed since last December. 

START DATEJanuary 18, 2020
END DATEJanuary 19, 2020
VENUE ADDRESSEast Coast Park Area Casuarina Grove, Singapore
DISTANCE Standard: 1.5 km, 10 km
Sprint: 750 m, 5 km
Mini& Youth: 400 m, 3 km
Kids: 200 m, 1 km

METASPRINT Series: Aquathlon Singapore

Love the water and have the talent for swimming? Well, if you missed the registration on the previous Aquathlon event— Race the Lion City— then you can register on this one. The first part of the METASPRINT Series, this Aquathlon event 

This event also consists of swim and run format that will take place in Sentosa, Singapore. The event offers various categories suitable for all ages even for the young ones looking to start an active healthy lifestyle.

START DATEFebruary 9, 2020
END DATEFebruary 9, 2020
VENUE ADDRESSSentosa, Singapore
DISTANCE Sprint Distance: 750 m, 5 km
Youth & Discovery Distance: 250 m, 2.5 km
Kids Distance: 150 m, 1.5 km
Kids Splash & Dash: Get wet, 500 m

METASPRINT Series: Duathlon Singapore

Don’t know how to swim? Well, if you can’t enter the METASPRINT Series Aquathlon, then the Run-Bike-Run format is your best bet! The second event from the METASPRINT Series: Duathlon allows you to get a taste for the thrill of multi-sport as you cycle on fully-closed bike routes on wide roads with lush greeneries and scenic routes for a smooth and safe ride. 

This fun, family and friendly-orientated part of the METASPRINT series helps eases newbies to the triathlon sport and challenges even the most experienced athletes there is. 

START DATEMarch 8, 2020
END DATEMarch 8, 2020
VENUE ADDRESSF1 Village, Republic Blvd., Singapore, 038975 Singapore
DISTANCE Sprint Distance: 3 km, 18km, 3km
Youth & Discovery Distance: 1.5km, 12 km, 1.5 km
Kids Distance: 500 m, 6 km, 500 m
GEMS Super Scoot: 500 m

METASPRINT Series: Triathlon Singapore 

For the third and last part of Singapore’s biggest Triathlon Series, the METASPRINT Series is the Triathlon event. This is the perfect time to put the Swimming, Biking, and Running together, allowing you to experience the fun of being a triathlete. 

Bring your friends together or fly solo. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced athlete, there’s a category perfect for you. Its festive atmosphere will ultimately push you to the finish with the sense of achievement that will linger in your fighting spirit. 

START DATEApril 19, 2020
END DATEApril 19, 2020
VENUE ADDRESSE Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore
DISTANCE Sprint Distance: 750 m, 18km, 5km
Youth & Discovery Distance: 250 m, 12 km, 2.5 km
Kids Distance: 150 m, 6 km, 1.5 km
Scoot-athlon: 500 m, 200 m

Tri-Factor Singapore Series: Bike & Cycle – Run Challenge

In case you missed the METASPRINT Triathlon Series in the first quarter of 2020, then you can get ready for the Tri-Factor Triathlon Series instead! And for the first Tri-Factor Challenge of the year is the Bike and Cycle-Run format. This is a new race format that Tri-Factor will be introducing for this season. 

The race consists of 2 formats— a bike race and cycle, then running and cycling again. Now, you can challenge yourself with this unique race format and you get to choose from several categories that Tri-Factor brings. And whatever your ability or age is, Tri-Factor will have the right distance for you. 

START DATEMay 31, 2020
END DATEMay 31, 2020
VENUE ADDRESSE Coast Park, Casuarina Grove, Singapore
DISTANCE To Be Announced

Tri-Factor Singapore Series: Run & Run –Swim Challenge

Break out of your comfort zone and add the coolness of doing some splashing with the second part of Tri-Factor Series, the Run & Run-Swim Challenge. Here you get to choose from 4 Run-Swim-Run event categories. 

Runners can partner with a swimmer buddy or vice versa then join the Run-Swim-Run team relay challenge. If you like to run, then you can get the individual run offering a 21km and 10.5km run or the standard run-swim-run format divided into 4 categories: Long Distance, Standard, freshmen, and Sprint. For kids ages 6 – 12 years old, they also have a 1km fun run so they can start with an active lifestyle at a young age. 

START DATEJune 28, 2020
END DATEJune 28, 2020
VENUE ADDRESSE Coast Park, Casuarina Grove, Singapore
Individual Run: 21 km, 10.5 km, 1 km (Kid’s Fun Run)
Long Distance: 10.5km, 1.5km, 10.5km
Standard Distance: 5.25km, 1 km, 10.5 km
Sprint Distance: 5.25km, 500m, 5.25 km
Freshmen Distance: 2.5 km, 200 m, 2.5 km

Triathlon National Championship 2020

The final and biggest challenge in the Tri-Factor Singapore Series, the Triathlon National Championship is the ultimate event you need to attend. This event features a quick course and offers at least 18 slots on the Asian Triathlon Championship to Quzhou, China. 

Here, you get to pick from 4 Triathlon categories— Freshmen, Sprint, Standard and Long. Also, there is a Kid’s distance category suitable for young ones ages 6 – 12 years old. You can also form a team of 3 members and go with the Team Relay where you can choose from 3 categories— Team Relay Sprint, Team Relay Standard, and team Relay Long. 

With the Triathlon National Championship. You get to enjoy the great Tri-Fest Carnival with friends and family after the race events. 

START DATEAugust 2, 2020
END DATEAugust 2, 2020
VENUEEast Coast Park, Angsana Green
DISTANCE Long Distance: 2.25 km, 42 km, 15 km
Standard Distance: 1.5 km, 36 km, 10 km
Sprint Distance: 750 m, 18 km, 5 km
Freshmen: 200 m, 12 km, 2 km


This is not an official source for these events, dates, and format may change at any time according to official organizers, please head to their respective websites for the latest information. The triathlon events listed above are only the current events available for 2020 updated as of 13th January.

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