Here's why adults should start swimming lessons

January 30, 2020

Is it too late for adults to start swimming lessons?

While it is much better for someone to start learning how to swim when they are young, it is definitely not too late for adults to master swimming.

As a runner, learning how to swim allows you to take part in a larger variety of aquathlons as well as also having a secondary cardiovascular activity to alternate between running.

Why should adults learn swimming?

Swimming is a relatively low impact sport unlike running. Running long distances frequently can take a toll on your knees and joints depending on the surface you are running on.

Swimming, on the other hand, is gentle and promotes the recovery of muscles without the harmful impact of running.

Where can I learn swimming as an adult?

It is often difficult for adults to learn swimming due to the lack of group classes available.

It can also be embarrassing for a Singapore adult to learn swimming in a class full of kids.

Thus we highly recommend taking private swimming lessons for adults.

This way, you can learn in the comfort of your own private pool without the fear or shame of learning with kids.

Are adult swimming lessons different from normal swimming lessons?

While the curriculum is similar, swimming lessons for adults can vary in terms of the teaching methodology of the coach. For young children, more play is incorporated into children's swimming lessons to make it interesting However for adults, lessons are conducted with respect and professionalism to ensure that adult learners do not feel undermined or embarrassed in any way.

Adult swimmers can also take instructions more clearly and thus more time can be dedicated to practice.

Ready to book your swimming lessons?

It is never too late for adults to learn swimming! Swimming is an essential skill to have when we are an island surrounding by water.

Swimming lessons also provide a healthy alternative to keeping fit and helps provide a balanced upper-body muscular growth.

We recommend you learn swimming when time allows for it!

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