TRI-FACTOR TRIATHLON – 21st August 2016

East Coast Park, Angsana  Green


East Coast Park, Angsana Green E2.

Nearest Carpark, E2 & E3. Alternative Carpark at E1.
Due to road closure requirements, carpark F1, F2 & G will be closed during the event timing from 6am – 1pm. Do avoid parking in those carparks during this time as movement out will be restricted.

E-Race Guide for TRI-Factor Triathlon 2016

TRI-Factor Triathlon 2016 - Main Site Plan for REPC



Swim Route:
TRI-Factor Triathlon 2016 - Swim Course for REPC

Bike Route:

Bike Course for REPC

Run Route:Standard & Sprint Run Course Freshmen Run Course

Mini Run Course