TRI-FACTOR RUN & RunSwim Challenge – 2nd July 2017

 East Coast Park, Angsana Green




Yes, it’s probably the most popular sport in Singapore at this moment. Which is why we couldn’t help but include it in our series of races!

Can’t decide whether swimming or cycling is for you? If you can run, you can still be part of the TRI-Factor Series. Join first, and consider the rest of the triathlon spectrum later!

There are distances for everyone. And when we say everyone, we really mean everyone.

Since 2016 we have included a new multi-sport challenge; RunSwim Challenge:

For 2017 we have included a Standard distance for those really looking for a challenge!

Freshmen: 2.5km Run / 200M Swim / 2.5km Run
Sprint: 5.25km Run / 500m Swim  / 5.25km Run
Standard: 5.25km Run / 500m Swim / 10.5km Run
_dsc6323Trifactor Run 2016 (31 July 2016)