TRI-FACTOR BIKE & CycleRun Challenge – 7th May 2017*

(No TT Bikes or Aerobars allowed)

 Republic Avenue / Nicoll Highway* 

*Dates & Venue may be subject to changes due to approvals.

Race route and event site layout will be updated shortly. Do stay tuned.



**Please be reminded that this is a NON-TT BIKE and NON-AEROBAR race! Anyone found riding with these bikes will be immediately disqualified and removed from the race course without compensation! 49km & 35km Riders must use conventional road bikes only.  See Example:49-35km-only



Your safety is our upmost concern so please ensure that you keep left at all times unless overtaking. For 49km, CycleRun Standard & 35km, front and rear bike lights are required due to the early start times.

Due to road opening timings please take note of the following cut-off timings:
49km: 2hrs 45mins
35km: 2hrs 10mins
5km: 25mins
Standard CycleRun Challenge: 3hr 15min
Sprint CycleRun Challenge: 2hr 30mins
Freshmen CycleRun Challenge: 1hr 30mins

(No participants will be allowed on Nicoll Highway after 8.45am)

All participants MUST report to the HOLDING AREA before their wave start. Participants will not be allowed to enter the start area unless escorted by our officials.

Here’s a race route review by TRI-Edge of our course last year. For you to better prepare for your race!


How to get there and where to park:

How to get there - QUICKSPEED BIKE