TRI-FACTOR BIKE & CycleRun Challenge – 7th May 2017*

(No TT Bikes or Aerobars allowed)

 Republic Avenue/Nicoll Highway* 

*Dates and Venue may be subject to changes due to approvals.

TRI-Factor Bike & CycleRun Categories & Fees (subject to 7%GST):

bike-website-pricing-v1For those looking to sign up all 4 events, do select the 4-in-1 Package to get up to 10% off!!4in1-package-pricing-v1




  • IMPORTANT: For safety reasons, riders for the 49km & 35km categories must use conventional road bikes only. No Hybrid, Mountain bikes, TT Bikes or Aerobars are allowed.
  • Conventional Road Bikes, Hybrid, Mountain Bikes & Foldies will be allowed for the CycleRun only. (TT Bikes and Aerobars are not allowed) 

The categories are calculated based on the age that is effective from 31st December 2017.

BICYCLE RENTAL:  If you do not have a bicycle, you may RENT one from our preferred supplier S-Lite Event Resources. Please download the form here: Mountain Bike or Road Bike Form
(Payment to be made on the day in Cash at the collection point)
*Do note that Road Bikes are allowed only for 56km and 35km categories.


49-35km-only cyclerun-5km-only