1. How can I register?

Participants can register online here. For online registrations, credit card payment (only VISA/Mastercard/AMEX), or cheque payment are accepted.

Registration starts on 1st of November 2014.

2. When are the closing dates?

TRI-FACTOR Swim: 5th April 2015
TRI-FACTOR Bike: 12th April 2015
TRI-FACTOR Run: 5th July 2015
TRI-FACTOR Triathlon: 26 July 2015

No entry will be entertained after these dates.
 However, the Organisers reserve the right to close the registration earlier should participation rate reach maximum capacity before the registration closing dates.

3. How can I register if I’m under the age of 16?

Participants below the age of 16 (as of 31 December 2013) are required to seek parental/guardian consent. You may do the usual online registration, then draft an indemnity declaration form and pass it to us during your race pack collection date in exchange for your race pack.

4. What age category do i belong in?

Junior  : Below 16 years old
Open   : 16 years old to 44 years old
Veteran: Above 45 years old and above
The categories are based on the age that is effective from 31st December 2014.

5. How many persons must there be in a team?

There must be a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 3 persons in a team relay.

6. How can I do group registration?

For groups registrations, please email us at for more details.

7. What is the registration fee?

Please refer to the Events page for the registration fee of each TRI-Factor event.

8. Is GST included in the registration fee?

Yes, 7% GST is included in the registration fee.

9. What are the age requirements?

Please refer to the individual event page.

10. I am not able to register for my right age category. Why is that so?

Age of participant is calculated as on 31 December 2014. Therefore, the race category will be brought forward or backward based on the correct calculation. Do check that you input the correct date of birth.

11. Can I add/change participant to my team at a later date?

Yes, you may add/change your team members only until the final day of registration. Any changes after closing of registration is subject to a $15 administrative charage. To avoid any unnecessary changes, you are advised to finalise your team members before registration.

12. Do I get a refund if I choose not to participate/withdraw after registration?

No. Registration fee is strictly non-refundable once the entry has been confirmed. You are still entitled to the the event race pack.

13. Can I transfer my entry to another race or athlete if I choose not to race?

No. Entry slots are non-transferable to either another race or another person.

14. Can I change race categories after registration?

For any changes to race categories after registration, there will be a $15 administrative charge and any difference in race categories will be included as well. Please send an email to for this request.

15. Can I make changes to my personal particulars after registration?

No. For any personal information changes, please contact our staff at
A $15 admin fee will be charged for any race category changes.
No changes will be entertained after the closing date of each registration period.

16. How will I know if my entry has been accepted?

Participants will receive a confirmation slip upon successful registration.
Participants will receive a total of two emails – race confirmation slip from the Organisers and receipt from the payment gateway (Paypal)

17. Why did I not receive my confirmation slip?

Participants could have not received his/her confirmation slip due to:
1. Registration was not successful and therefore the confirmation slip was not rendered. OR
2. There was error in their email at the point of registration so the confirmation slip was not sent to the correct account. OR
3. The email has been treated as Spam and/or blocked by their mail server.

18. I deleted my race confirmation slip. How can I get another copy?

You can log into the registration system with your registered email and password. you can then view your registration details and resend a confirmation slip to yourself.

All information published on this website is subject to change without notice. Please make regular checks for the latest updates.