What’s Your TRI-FACTOR?

Find out what’s your TRI-FACTOR when you sign up for 1 or more TRI-Factor Series races. Points are awarded to each participant according to their rank in each race and the race category participated. Participant with the highest TRI-FACTOR points will be crowned as the TRI-Factor Series Champion!

The TRI-Factor Series Champion of each category will be announced at the end of the TRI-Factor Triathlon 2016. Each champion will walk away with fantastic prizes and the title as TRI-Factor Series Champion 2016!

Race Score = Finishing Rank Percentile X Race Distance Challenge Index.
Race Distance Challenge Index: A = 3 ; B =2 ; C = 1

Do note that TF Points are calculated based on race category and gender only and NOT by age groups.

Example (assume 100 participants for each race category)

Race Category Position Percentile Score (Race Category x Percentile)
Swim (1.5km) B = 2 5th 95% 190 Points
Bike (20km) C = 1 5th 95% 95 Points
Run (21km) B = 2 10th 90% 180 Points
TRI-Athlon (Sprint) B = 2 15th 85% 170 Points

*Note that TRI-Factor Points are not applicable for relays or Club Challenges

Below are the 2015 TRI-Factor Leaders and Overall Points Table:

Male Series TRI-Factor Points Table

Female Series Tri-Factor Points Table