TRI-FACTOR BIKE – 17th May 2015
(TT Bikes & Aerobars not allowed)


New Race circuit to be updated soon! 

Race Category Early Bird
(3 Nov – 7 Dec)
Normal Period
(8 Dec – 5 Apr ’15)
Extended Period
(6 Apr – 12 Apr)
Individual 54 km 75.90 85.90 95.90
Individual 35 km 65.90 75.90 85.90
Individual 18 km 50.90 60.90 70.90
Non-competitive 5km 35.90 45.90 49.90
Race Category Distance Age Range
TRI-Factor Bike Open / Veteran 54km 16 years old and above
Open / Veteran 35km 16 years old and above
Junior / Open / Veteran 18km 13 years old and above
Kids / Junior / Open / Veteran 5km 6 years old and above
  • IMPORTANT: For safety reasons, riders for the 54km & 35km categories must use conventional road bikes only. No Hybrid, Mountain bikes, TT Bikes or Aerobars are allowed.
  • Hybrid and Mountain Bikes will only be allowed for the 18km category. (TT Bikes and Aerobars are not allowed) 
  • All participants who sign up for all events of the Tri-Factor Series will be entitled a 10% series sign-up discount. Do note that you will not enjoy this discount if you do not sign up for the four events at the same time.
Age categories:
Kids: 6 years 12 years old  (5km Non-Competitive Only)
Junior: 13 years to 15 years old  (5km & 18km Only)
Open: 16 years to 44 years old  (All Distances)
Veteran: 45 years old and above  (All Distances)

The categories are calculated based on the age that is effective from 31st December 2015.

Bikes are available for rental, prices are as the following:

Racer bike 26″ $95  (For 18km, 35km & 54km Riders)
Normal Bike 26″ $45 (For 18km Riders only)

Please indicate your bike rental during your registration. Once selected, no refund will be provided if you do not take the bike on the day of the event. Any cancellation of the rented bicycle must be done at least 1 month prior to the event. A $15 admin fee will apply for this cancellation.