Swim Bike Run Triathlon

1. I do not have a bike. How can I join TRI-Factor Bike/ TRI-Factor Triathlon?

Bikes are available for rental, prices are as the following:
Normal bike – $45

Racer bike – $95

All bike rental includes helmet. Do indicate your preference at the “activities page” after selecting your race distance during your registration. Do note that only Racer bikes will be allowed for the 54km & 35km Bike categories and the Standard Distance Triathlon only.

2. I do not have a helmet. Is there helmet rental?

Yes. Do indicate in your registration that you would like to rent a helmet from us before you check out of the Merchandise section during your registration. If you have signed up, you can log into your account to rent the helmet. All helmet are free size.

3. Are aerobars allowed?

Aerobars will only be allowed for the Triathlon event in August.
TT Bikes and Aerobars will not be allowed for the Bike event in May for safety reason.

4. Can I use my MP3/walkman or similar devices during the race?

For safety precautions, wearing of headphones is not allowed during the race.

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