Race Pack

1. What is a race pack?

The Race Entry Pack is an event pack, which will consist of a Race Bib Number, an Event T-shirt, an Event Handbook and sponsored goodies. The Event Handbook will provide all the essential guide and information of Race Day.

2. Where and when can I collect the race pack?

Please refer to individual race information.

Kindly note that there is NO race pack collection on the actually race day.

3. Why must I collect the race pack?

Participants cannot start their race without the timing device, Race Bib Number and/or Swim Cap.

4. What do I have to bring to collect the race pack?

Please bring along your Race Confirmation Slip and NRIC/Passport/Photo ID.

5. Can my family/friends collect on my behalf?

Yes. You can appoint a representative to collect on your behalf. The authorised representative must present the following during the collection:

  • Letter of Authorisation by the participant (Please Print Letter of Authorization for Race Kit 2015)
  • Photocopy of participant’s NRIC or Photo ID Card
  • Participant’s race confirmation slip
  • Representative’s NRIC or Photo ID Card

6. How many race packs am I entitled to?

Each participant is entitled to one race pack for each event.
(i.e.: If you signed up for 4 events, you are entitled to 4 race packs)

7. What are the dimension of the various event shirt sizes?

The event shirt sizing is as follows:

Male Sizes Back Length Chest Circumference
XXS 50 cm 76 cm
XS 60 cm 86 cm
S 66 cm 96.5 cm
M 68 cm 100 cm
L 71 cm 106.5 cm
XL 73.5 cm 111.5 cm
XXL 76 cm 117 cm
Female Sizes Back Length Chest Circumference
XXS 45.5 cm 72 cm
XS 53.5 cm 81 cm
S 58.5 cm 86.5 cm
M 61 cm 91.5 cm
L 63.5 cm 96.5 cm
XL 66 cm 101.5 cm
XXL 68.5 cm 106.5 cm

8. Can I request for other sizes of the event t-shirt since I have more than 1 race pack?

Event t-shirt sizes are packed according to the size chosen during registration. Each event’s T-shirt is of the same cutting. Size changes must be made before the end of each event registration period.

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