1. If I register for the longer race distance and I can only manage a shorter race distance on race day, can I still get the finisher certificate of the shorter distance?

No. Race Category and distances are non-transferable. Participants who do not complete their registered race will not be eligible for the Finisher E-Certificate.

2. How can I appeal if I’m disqualified or if there are disputes in the race results?

For prize winners or possible prize winners, disputes and appeals must be made on-the-spot to the organising committee within 30 minutes of the published results that will be placed on the results notice board on-site. A $50 refundable fee is applicable for any appeals with regards to positioning and timing. The organising committee has the right to reject any appeals without question.

3. Will there be an award ceremony?

Yes, there will be a prize award ceremony after each event. All winners will be invited to the TRI-FACTOR Triathlon on Sunday, 07 September 2014 for the medal presentation.

4. When and where is the award ceremony?

It will be at the event site towards the end of the event. Please refer to the event schedule closer to event day.

5. Will finisher medals be awarded?

Finisher Medals will be awarded in every event to participants who take part and complete the respective races. The four individual Series event medals are part of a big puzzle medal composition. So join all four individual Series event to collect them all.

6. Will finisher certificates be awarded?

As part of our efforts to go green, no hardcopy certificate will be mailed out. All participants will be able to download their e-certificate within 24hrs of their race completion of each event.

7. Will finisher shirts be awarded?

Participants who take part in the full series (4 events) will be entitled an exclusive TRI-Factor Series Finisher Tee.

This year, participants in the TRI-Factor Run 24km category will also get a Run finisher tee.

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